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Raising a toast to the extraordinary things of everyday people.

Behind the "ee"

Hi! We're Elizabeth Harris and Emer O'Shea, the people behind Toastee Mag and hence the "ee" at the end. 

We started Toastee to create a magazine to celebrate the amazing things the people around us were doing. In our first issue, we celebrated people who made 2020, the year of the global Pandemic their b*tch! 

Inspired by their stories and the positive response, we have continued Toastee to give space to incredible achievements and celebrate individuals in our global community. 

In every issue, we aim to tell incredible stories, highlight important issues,  and celebrate every day!

Fun Fact: Elizabeth and Emer met while working together in Dublin!

Image by Diogo Palhais
Elizabeth Harris
Editor in Chief
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When I'm not searching for stories or creating content for Toastee, you'll find me dabbling in my food blog, walking, trying out yoga, and cuddling with my furry pups.

Emer O'Shea
Managing Editor

I'm a scientist by day, so Toastee is my creative outlet at night- and my excuse to work with Elizabeth again!! You'll see my posts to the Toastee Instagram with videos of my local (Irish) landscape!

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