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41 Herstory Makers to check out for IWD 2021

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

At Toastee, we are able to find amazing people because of the wonderful community. When putting together our Herstory issue, we had tons of recommendations from our supporters and from our contributors. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to feature everyone. Still, we wanted to make space and show support for their achievements.

Thus in honor of International Women’s Day, we have put together a list of 41 Herstory makers to check out. These women are doing incredible things and making the world better in their sphere.

Let us know in the comments, what other women we should add to this list!


Annie Mitchell - Bottleshot Brew

Annie is a co-founder of Bottleshot Brew, a cold brew coffee company paying homage to her New Orleans roots ethically. They use Rainforest Alliance certified beans, partnered with Urban Mushroom to repurpose their leftover grounds and package their cold brew in recycled aluminum cans.

Check out Bottleshot Brew at Follow them @bottleshotbrew on Instagram.

Lillian L. Yang - The Chef Charette

Lillian is a chefitect, who frustrated with the language barriers while living in Tokyo launched her food blog with simple diagrams accompanying her delicious and beautiful recipes, ensuring anyone can pick up her recipes regardless of a language barrier.

Check out The Chef Charette at Follow Lillian @thechefcharette on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Michelle Doud - Farm and Fig Catering

Michelle has an enduring story about her "farm to table" passion. She grows most of what she feeds her family and most recipes are custom made from her ability to throw into the mixing bowl, "a little of this and a little of that."

Check our Farm and Fig catering at Follow Michelle @farmandfig on Instagram and Facebook.

Anne Keller and Jen Zeuner - The Hot Tomato

Featured in the short document, Life of Pie, Anne and Jen started The Hot Tomato in Fruita, Colorado, a mountain biking paradise. Their pizza shop has become a mainstay for the local residents and the mountain biking community coming in and out of Fruita.

Learn more about Anne and Jen and watch the Life of Pie documentary on Patagonia Films. You can check out The Hot Tomato at Follow Anne and Jen @thehottomatopizza on Instagram and Facebook.


Roshanak “Roshi” Khalilian

Roshi is a visual artist and founder of Atelier Roshi. Her works often evoke contrasting and even conflicting feelings and experiences: hope and death, wealth and poverty, joy and sadness. At Atelier Roshi, she displays her work as well as offering classes and a boutique.

Check out Atelier Roshi at Follow Roshi @canvasbyroshi on Instagram.

Kate Prior

Kate is an illustrator who creates colorful, comical illustrations. Her work has been featured in Urban Outfitters, Bon Appetit, Google, and more.

See more of Kate’s work at Follow Kate @prioor on Instagram.

Bisa Butler

Bisa is an artist whose works tell the African American side of American History. Her subjects are African Americans from ordinary walks of life who may have sat for a formal family portrait or may have been documented by a passing photographer. Bisa’s work has been featured in galleries throughout the US.

Learn more about Bisa at Follow Bisa @bisabutler

On Instagram and @bisabutlerfineart on Facebook.

Ofelia Esparza

Ofelia is a sixth-generation altar artist from East LA. Her work is informed by a deep spiritual belief in the traditional process, which pays homage and evokes the memory of people, events, or places through multilevel structures embellished with photos, traditional foods, flowers, and handmade and found adornments.

Learn more about Ofelia at Follow her @ofrenda1 on Instagram.

Dancers and Choreographers

Brigette Dunn-Korpela - B. Dunn Movement

Bridgette is the founder and Artistic Director of B. Dunn Movement, a performance art company based in LA. She is a choreographer, performer, and educator. Through dance, she calls upon ancestral memory and ritual to understand the cultural and personal narratives that reside inside her being.

Learn more about B. Dunn Movement at Follow Bridgette @bdunnmovement on Instagram and Facebook.

Whitney Janis

Whitney is a fantastic dancer and teacher who cares deeply about technique, form, and freedom of expression. She has danced and toured around the world, and now offers virtual classes.

To learn more about Whitney at Follow her @flexedfeet on Instagram.

Madison Shelpuk

Madison is a freelance director and choreographer based in LA. She has worked with the likes of Levis and Universal Music Group.

To learn more about Madison, check out her Youtube Channel. Follow her @madishelpuk on Instagram.

Kyreeana Breelin

Kyreeana is a tap dancer and choreographer and member of the Dance Faculty at the California School of Arts. Her works have been showcased at the New World Center, Los Angeles Theatre Center, The Curtis Theater, and most recently at REDCAT.

Keep up to date with Kyreeana by following her @kyreekeys on Instagram.


Stacy E. Haught

Stacy is an actor turned writer. She was an acting instructor and film coach for over 14 years. Now, Stacy is the Editor in Chief of the St. Petian magazine and is writing her debut novel “Good Hope.”

To keep up to date with Stacy follow her @stacey_haught on Instagram and @author.stacey.e.haught on Facebook.

Megan Nolan

Megan is an Irish writer based in London. She has written for The Guardian, The New Statesmen, and The New York Times to name a few. Her new book Acts of Desperation came out in March this year and is a #1 bestseller.

To learn more about Megan check out her website at To keep up to date with her, follow her @mmegannolan on Instagram and Twitter.

Maricia Jones - This is Your Best Year

Maricia is a writer and founder of the blog This is Your Best Year. She writes about things that pertain to women who have reached a certain age, or who plan to reach a certain age. She also writes for the Ft. Worth Black News.

You can check out her work at Follow Maricia @thisisyourbestyear on Instagram and Facebook and @MariciaJohns on Twitter.

Jana Laird Philips

Jana is a blogger and international bestselling author of Power Lies. She founded the Houston Hip & Haute blog sharing all things Houston.

You can learn more about Jana at and visit her blog at Keep up to date with her @authorjlphillips on Instagram and Facebook.

Health Experts

Dr. Lawanda Hill

Dr. Hill is the owner of Hill Psychological and Consultation Services, and a full-time psychologist at Stanford University where she is the lead clinician and strategist for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives at the Counseling and Psychological Services Center.

Learn more about her at Follow Dr. Hill @drlawandahill on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Xochil Renton, PA-C

Xochil is a certified Physician Assistant and health expert. After working in primary care for 4 years, she transitioned to cosmetic dermatology and is at Faciel Skin in Pasadena. She is most interested in the connection between exercise and skin health.

To keep up to date with Xochil, follow her @xo.healthy on Instagram.

Dr. April Givens

Dr. Given is a licensed psychotherapist, consultant, life coach, co-host of The Chamber Talk Show, and president of the Urban Counselling Clique, a nonprofit organization established to combat the continued need for counseling services for youth and their families.

To learn more about Dr. Givens check out Keep up to date with her @dr.aprilgivens.


Jessica R. Metcalfe - Beyond Buckskin

Jessica of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa launched Beyond Buckskin to showcase and promote North America’s first artists and designers. Beyond Buckskins have grown into a boutique where visitors and purchase beautiful fashion pieces by indigenous artists and designers.

Check out Beyond Buckskin at Follow Jessica @beyondbuckskin on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Aliza Nathoo - 6.26.4 Studio

Aliza founded and owns 6.26.4 Studio, a contemporary leather accessories brand based in London. From clutches to scarves and phone cases, her brand reflects art through fashion.

Check out 6.26.4 Studio at Follow her @6.26.4 on Instagram.

Hanna Boror-Padilla - Sotela

Hanna is the founder and designer behind Sotela, a size-inclusive, ethical, and sustainable fashion brand. Through Sotela, Hanna creates wardrobe staples to help her clients restore their relationship with clothing and celebrate the strength and resilience of your body.

Check out Sotela at Follow Hanna @sotelaco on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Alexa D’Amico - The Days Swimwear

Alexa is the CEO and designer of The Days Swimwear, a collection of consciously curated styles. Alexas designs her clothes ethically and sustainably, such as reusing nylon waste and working with ethical manufacturers.

Check out The Days Swimwear at Follow Alexa @thedaysswimwear on Instagram.

Jess Sternberg - Free Label

Jess founded Free Label in 2015 to create beautiful, comfortable, and sustainably focused clothing in a system where everyone gets paid fairly. Her clothes include inclusive sizing, ethical manufacturing, and sustainable materials along with highlighting BIPOC owned businesses.

Check out Free Label at Follow Jess @free.label on Instagram, and @shopfreelabel on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Stylists and Influencers

Micheila Leighland - Styleteria

With a year of design experience, Micheila launched her style consultant Styleteria. There she takes a 360 approach to style, going beyond just how one looks.

Roxanne Carne - Personal Stylist and founder of RC Style Collective

A Texas-based stylist, Roxanne helps everyone define their personal style that works for their unique body. She also founded the RC Style Collective to create a community focusing on helping women unlock their personal style in a safe community.

Learn more about RC Style collective at Follow Roxanne @roxannecarne_stylist on Instagram and @roxannecarnepersonalstylist on Facebook.

Jhanneu - Sustainaibiity Influencer, Consultant and Blogger

Jhanneu has developed a platform around making sustainability and low waster living can be accessible and inclusive to all people.

Learn more at and at her Youtube channel. Follow her @jhanneu on Instagram.

Marielle Elizabeth - Plus Size and Slow Fashion Influencer

Marielle celebrates plus-size bodies as a model, influencer, and photographer and showcases beautiful slow fashion. Additionally, she’s also a blogger and actress.

Learn more at Follow her @marielle.elizabeth on Instagram and @marielleeliz on Pinterest.


Kalika Davis - Salon Tallou

Kalika is the founder of Salon Tallou and co-founder of the Native Women Lead. Salon Tallou is a vibrant, holistic hair salon and wellness center that celebrate natural beauty, natural products and natural culture.

To learn more, check out Salon Tallou @salontallou on Instagram and Facebook.

Bethanie Brewer

Bethanie is a master colorist, hairstylist, and owner of her salon Bethanie Brewer Salon in Fort Worth, TX. Her work goes beyond the salon chair to include empowering her clients, being their cheerleaders, and lifting them up through their struggles.

You can follow Bethanie @bethanieinthesalon on Instagram and @BethanieBrewerSalon on Facebook.

Bee Khuu

Bee is the CEO of A New Chi Salon & Spa, Master Colorist and Hairstylist. Bee’s salon specialized in hair care, hair design, and skin care to create an oasis for their clients.

To learn more, check out A New Chi Salon at Follow Bee @anewchi on Facebook.

India Henderson - Canvas Makeup Artistry

India is a Makeup Artist and owner of Canvas Makeup Artistry. She is truly dedicated to making women feel their absolute best selves by enhancing their natural beauty. She also provides Final Resting Makeup to help families part with loved ones.

To learn more about India check out Follow her @canvas_mua on Instagram and @canvasmua on Facebook.


Tara Atkinson - Yoga Instructor

Tara is a yoga teacher and founder of The Mindful Different. Tara takes the time to get to know and connect with each student, so the practice they create is unique and tailored to address the physical, mental and emotional needs of each student.

Learn more about Tara at Follow Tara on Facebook.

Jacquie Patton - Healing With the Light

Jacquie is a Life Coach, Artist, and Energy Healer. She has more than 15 years’ experience in career counseling, cross-cultural adaptation, and personal/professional development.

To learn more about Jacquie visit Follow her @healingwiththelight on Instagram and Facebook.

Sophie Frabotta - Awaken Life Coaching

Sophie is The Soul Whisperer. She is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, a Meditation Teacher, a Sound Bowl Healer, and author of The Continuous Appetite. She is dedicated to teaching people how to do deep Spiritual healing work.

To learn more about Sophie check out Follow her @awakenwithsophie on Instagram and Facebook.

Community Shakers

Janette Fennell -

Janette is the Founder and President of, the only national nonprofit child safety organization that is solely dedicated to preventing injuries and deaths of children in and around vehicles. She was on NPR and StoryCorp on how a family abduction inspired her to start her vehicle safety activism.

Learn more about Janette’s non-profit at You can follow them on Facebook and @kidsandcars_org on Instagram.

Erin Prather Stafford - Girls That Create

Erin founded Girls That Create, an online platform that supports the parents and caregivers of creative girls. Girls That Create believes arts set culture and to address gender imbalances, women must have a seat at decision-making tables as creators and leaders.

To learn more about Girls That Create check out Follow Erin’s work @girlsthatcreate on Facebook and Pinterest and @girls_that_create on Instagram.

Stacey Magovern - Point Blank Safety and Blue Family Fund

Stacey went from Police wife to running a multi-million dollar company, Point Blank Safety, that employs Police officers as security personnel. She also started the nonprofit Blue Family Fund to provide scholarships and financial aid to families of first responders.

To learn more about Stacey visit To learn more about Blue Family Fund check out

Jodi Avis

Jodi founded Ready-Set-Start allows teachers to shop its inventory to create a list of school supplies for the new school year where students can shop in one place. Through their Give Back Program, Ready-Set-Start hopes to provide community schools the extra funding necessary to service their students and meet their educational goals.

To learn more about Ready Set Start check out Follow Jodi’s work @readysetstart on Facebook and Pinterest and @ready_set_start on Twitter.


Adriana Cabanas - Zatorie

Adriana founded Zatorie, a luxury acrylic invitation company. Adriana makes beautiful invitations, menus, and save the date cards that guests will be keeping as a fond memento.

To learn more check out Follow Adriana @zatorie on Instagram.

Lindsay Scherr Burgess - Green Wall Scapes

Lindsay is the founder of Green Wallscapes, creating large scale green walls for homes or offices. Her all woman team create beautiful indoor green walls, moss art, moss logos, and moss lettering from real and faux moss.

To learn more check out Follow Lindsay’s work @greenwallscapes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Sahara Wright - The Wright Lawyer

Sahara started her own law firm The Wright Lawyer, PLLC, a boutique business and nonprofit law firm founded to provide legal services and business strategy advice to small to medium-sized corporate and nonprofit organizations.

To learn more visit Follow Sahara @thewrightlawyer on Facebook and @therealwrightlawyer on Instagram.

Dana Hewling - b.ID Creative

Dana is a Branding Specialist and the founder and director of b.ID Creative, an award-winning branding, marketing, and design agency. Dana is also a speaker on topics including Branding, Identity & Design, Diversity & Inclusion in Marketing/Advertising, Entrepreneurship, or Building Remarkable Brands.

Learn more about Dana and her work at Follow her @b.idllc on Instagram and @creativebybid on Facebook.

These shoutouts come from the community, our contributors, and our partners! If there is someone we should add to the list, drop us a note in the comments!

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