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Eating With Your Eyes: Tips for a Delectable Ambiance at Home

It’s often said that “you eat with your eyes first”, meaning your first impression of a meal is the visual appearance. Shana Weisberg, an artist and interior decorator based in Paris, France shares her tips for creating a delectable ambiance making every meal more visually appetizing.

1. Apply Color Theory to Your Plating

Using color theory for a more visually appealing meal. Photo by Shana Weisberg of Studio Sensibilitie.

Color theory is both the science and art of using color. A simple way to apply color theory to your plating is to use contrasting colors (red/green, blue/orange, purple/yellow) or triadic color schemes if you’re more familiar with color theory. This could look like red gazpacho with cucumbers, a green salad with some cherry tomatoes, summer melon on a blue & white antique plate, or purple cabbage salad with carrots and parsley.

2. Ditch the Plastic & Paper Napkins

Ditch the plastic and paper napkins for your tableware. Photo by Shana Weisberg of Studio Sensibilitie.

Make eating at home an experience to remember! Even if it’s takeout or reheating a frozen meal, re-plating it onto some antique plates and using napkins and a tablecloth elevates at-home meals. It doesn’t need to be expensive or fussy - something you’ve inherited that you never thought to use outside of a “special” holiday or a random find at a vintage market or on eBay brings a story to each use.

3. Set Your Table

Table setting diagram photo by Shana Weisbery of Studio Sensibilte.

Bringing out your favorite plates, cutlery, napkins, and glassware for meals takes no extra time and makes a world of a difference when it comes to sharing time with your family. You may want to stay at the table longer to enjoy a conversation or an extra glass of wine because it feels good to be there. Curious where to place your forks, spoons, and glasses? Save this photo from Shana for a basic table setting for your next meal.

4. Set the Mood with Flowers & Candles

Set the dinner ambiance with candles and flowers. Photo by Shana Weisbery of Studio Sensibilite.

Add flowers to your table any time of the day and candles in the evening (be careful not to place the candles too close to anyone or to the flowers to avoid burning anything!). If you don’t have vases or candle holders, you can get creative by re-using leftover glass jars or bottles.

5. Add a Personal Touch

As a personal tough to dinner with namecard or even a menu. Photo by Shana Weisberg, founder of Studio Sensibilite.

An easy way to add a personal touch is by adding something handmade to the table. Whether you’re an artist or love curating beautiful pieces, adding a handcrafted item like name cards, handwoven baskets, or a painted vase to your table feels more personal. Shana loves to paint floral menus and name cards for events and family gatherings.

These simple tips turn an everyday meal at home into a memorable dining experience. Share how you create your beautiful ambiance at home by tagging @studiosensibilite and #mealsmadespecial on Instagram!

Shana Weisberg, Paris based artist, interior decorator, and founder of Studio Sensibilité..
Shana Weisberg, Paris based artist, interior decorator, and founder of Studio Sensibilité.

Shana Weisberg is an artist and interior decorator based in Paris, France. She is also the founder of Studio Sensibilité. She creates beautiful pieces for brands, events, weddings, gifts, and interior decoration. You can keep up to date with her @studiosensibilte on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can reach out to Shana for commissions or brand collaborations at

All photos are by Shana Weisberg.

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